Did it Myself!

These two DIY pieces are SUPER easy and simple. All you need is a pair of scissors! no sewing, no glue, no real work!



i ripped a pair of leggings, they were such a gorgeous color that i just couldn’t part way lol for a while i wore them with skirts so you couldnt see the rip but the rip kept growing! so i decided to just take some scissors to them! i cut right where the rip started on the leg and just matched the length on the next leg. i wore them as cute leg warmers & as thigh highs too because of how long i was able to cut them. I styled them with some combat boots, argyle stockings, black high waist shorts, big black cropped top & skully. Ive also got the same crandberry color in lipstick so it was a must. haha.



same thing here! Just took a long sweater dress that i hated & cut it into a skirt. Paired it with a think black belt to cover the rigid edges, a tight black top & some black heels. super cozy & comfy, dress it up or dress it down!


OOTD: work


black satin 3/4 sleeve top (forever21), flowy tribal print black&white bottoms (rainbow). I styled my hair into a sleek bun, pop of color on my lips and a simple natural eye makeup. gold chain necklace (rue21), beaded gold bracelets (dots). (the gold watch was a gift from puerto rico, sorry).

50 Fashion Rules To Break Right Now

im constantly a rule breaker.


Your mama always told you never to wear black with brown or white after Labor Day—but fashion rules are meant to be broken, right?

We’re giving you permission to break all 50 of these old school rules.

50. Red and pink clash

Somewhere along the way, these two shades got a bad reputation, but when paired purposefully, they can actually look quite modern and eye-catching. To break this fashion rule, keep the red true, and add any shade of pink, from pastel to fuchsia.

49. Don’t wear white after labor day

Lame! As countless designers have proved during the past few seasons, white isn’t only appropriate when the weather gets cold, but also amazingly fresh and modern-feeling. One thing to keep in mind when tackling the white-in-winter trend: It’s all about the fabric. Lighter textiles such as white cotton, linen, canvas, and seersucker will surely look out of place during the chilly months of fall and…

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Am I an Adult? (Can Not Be Determined at This Time)

this is amaze balls lol im only 20 but im fighting with myself about where im supposed to be, im living like a child in some ways but should be further at this age.

brunch for every meal

Like I said in yesterday’s post, I turned 25 this month, and it’s strange because I still feel like I’m in high school. It’s not like I’m clinging to youth or anything, in fact, I’m excited to turn 30 in the near future. I’ve found that every six months or so I become a little less of an asshole, so I’m hoping by 30 I’ll be a real hip woman in charge of her own destiny, getting her clothes tailored, not eating as much processed foods, the whole thing.


But for now, I can’t tell- am I an adult? Let’s look at the evidence:

ADULT: I have aged out of eligibility to be on The Real World because apparently 25 is too old to catch syphilis in a hot tub while you experiment with your sexuality. What if I’m a late bloomer, huh, MTV?

NON-ADULT: Still too young to be…

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Woman Crush Wednesday

She’s beautiful, she’s unique, she’s funny, she’s you! We take a day out of the week to recognize our fellow female and her beauty every wednesday. Now use today to go gaga for yourself! why not? you’re an amazing unique creature. We look at others for things we admire and sometimes envy but have you ever admired the quality lady YOU are? Instead of sitting and looking at other girls and saying “man, i want angelinas lips, or kims ass” say “hey look at what I’ve got, im pretty awesome!”.

I see girls constantly talking themselves down and lowering their worth. Im guilty too, but it stops now! instead of praising another girl for how good she is, we should take some time to reflect on ourselves and see our true worth  and potential.

Go on your instagram or facebook today and post a cute picture of yourself and write 5 things you love about yourself!


Heart Breakin’ Risk Takin’

I’ve always been the type that wanted to try something new with my image. Whether it be a new hair cut/color, makeup, or my wardrobe, I’ve always gravitated toward new things.

I found that i restained myself from styles and fashion risks that my  boyfriend didn’t like. He hated heels, i thought they were cute. He hated lipstick, I think its the perfect way to pull together a look! But being with him, i decided to refrain from the bold and ballsy. NOW Im single. I look at things in the mall that I would never had taken a second glance at when i was taken. Theres a whole new type of freedom that comes from no longer being in a relationship.

Sometimes when youre with someone, you morph into eachother, you become more plain, or more bold based on the relationship you’re in, especially being young and still finding yourself. You just want to please the guy you’re with and if you know your guy likes a summer dresses and flats, you might be gravitating more towards those things without even noticing! But i figured it out eventually and now I’m taking risks.

my first time wearing a red lip and its not halloween!

my first time wearing a red lip and its not halloween!

Theres no more worrying about what he will think, and now that you’re searching for things that fit your personality more, you’re basically revamping your looking and making a great advertisement for the next guy, and the ad says “THIS is me, take it or leave it” and this time, the guy will gravitate to you instead of you gravitiating toward the summer dress for him.

It’s just like starting a new school or job, you have a chance to change without anyone being able to know the difference because they have no past looks to base their judgement off of. So now you can go put on that cranberry lip stain and faux fur vest, cause Bob might not have liked it, but now you can find the Tom, Dick, and Harry that will.

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